Whiteman 4G Foundation Focus Page

Current Focus

Providing Basic Needs 

The traditional list of basic needs for life are water, food, shelter and clothing. At the beginning of our journey as the 4G Foundation, food insecurity in our community was not something on our radar. It was not until we met with the leadership of AzBrainfood, that we became passionate about fighting this critical issue alongside them. Our relationship with them became a long-term partnership. With our help and the help of many other local organizations, AzBrainfood helps give over 3,600 children food security over the weekends and during school breaks.  

If you would like more information or to donate: https://www.azbrainfood.org/ 


Fighting Sex Trafficking 

While sex trafficking may not be on everyone’s list of “basic needs,” we value the safety of those in our community and around the world. A few years ago, we didn’t realize the extent of damage being done to children by this dark community of predators. Our late grandfather, John, made fighting sex trafficking a priority and we have since made this extremely important cause another of our foundation’s highest priorities. Our most recent grant was to Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an excellent organization that is fighting sex trafficking around the world, in addition to providing aftercare to those who have survived being trafficked.  

If you would like more information or to donate: https://ourrescue.org/ 


Previous Grant Recipients


2019 Operation Underground Railroad  
2016-2020 Arizona Brainfood Mesa
12/7/2015 Arizona Brainfood Mesa
12/7/2015 Crisis Nursery Mesa
12/7/2015 Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank Paradise Valley
12/7/2015 Assistance League of Phoenix Phoenix
12/1/2014 Arizona Brainfood (Ruth Collins) Mesa
12/1/2014 Back-To-School Clothing Drive (Carl Gentles) Phoenix
12/1/2014 Family Promise (Ted Taylor) Phoenix
12/1/2014 Helen’s Hope Chest (Mesa United Way) Mesa
12/1/2014 Singleton Moms (Keeley Forrestel) Phoenix
12/1/2014 Ryan House (Cathy LaSusa) Phoenix
12/1/2014 Board of Directors/Trustees (Christmas Elves) Phoenix

Arizona Brainfood

Arizona Brainfood helps address a significant issue – childhood hunger and its impact on learning. There are Arizona children who go without sufficient food from the time they eat a school lunch on Friday until returning to school on Monday. This is not only a health issue, but also an education issue. A hungry child cannot focus on learning. AZBrainfood provides backpacks full of child-friendly food for weekends during the school year. Working with elementary schools in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, volunteer-filled backpacks are provided weekly to more than 3,000 at-risk children. The grant from the 4G Foundation purchases food to fill backpacks.




Helen’s Hope Chest

Started in 2009 by Helen’s daughters, Debbie and Regena, Helen’s Hope Chest memorializes the life of Helen Paula Simmons, a former foster child who managed to raise a family of her own despite difficult circumstances.

Helen’s Hope Chest started as a clothing closet for youth in foster and kinship care. Since then, Helen’s has helped thousands of youth by providing quality clothing, shoes, hygiene items, toys, books, and school supplies at no cost.

The unique design of HHC provides children and youth with a positive experience of shopping in a consignment-like environment. The atmosphere encourages foster youth to make their own clothing selections. HHC serves children from newborns to 18 years of age. All items at HHC are given to “customers” without charge. This is possible because of the generous donations of individuals, church groups, service clubs, school groups, Scouts, businesses, and many others.










The Singletons (Formally Known as Singleton Moms)

Together, we are meeting the needs of today while providing hope for tomorrow. The Singletons is a homegrown, Arizona based, nonprofit devoted to meeting the needs of single-parent families battling cancer by providing strength, hope, resources and community. Here at The Singletons, we are a family.