Whiteman 4G Current Initiatives

The Whiteman 4G Board of Directors make a recent decision in 2016 to provide significant funding to AzBrainfood for 3 years. This is the largest single commitment to any organization in the WF4G’s history. AzBrainfood is a non-profit organization that discreetly provides a back pack of food to feed hungry school children on the weekends. The 4G Foundation will not be accepting any additional projects for the next 3 years.

12/7/2015Arizona BrainfoodMesa
12/7/2015Crisis NurseryMesa
12/7/2015Paradise Valley Emergency Food BankParadise Valley
12/7/2015Assistance League of PhoenixPhoenix
12/1/2014Arizona Brainfood (Ruth Collins)Mesa
12/1/2014Back-To-School Clothing Drive (Carl Gentles)Phoenix
12/1/2014Family Promise (Ted Taylor)Phoenix
12/1/2014Helen’s Hope Chest (Mesa United Way)Mesa
12/1/2014Singleton Moms (Keeley Forrestel)Phoenix
12/1/2014Ryan House (Cathy LaSusa)Phoenix
12/1/2014Board of Directors/Trustees (Christmas Elves)Phoenix


UMOM greatly appreciates the partnership and support of the Whiteman Foundation. The grant award of $25,000 assisted UMOM to:

  • Provide therapeutic services for 331 unduplicated homeless children residing at UMOM New Day Centers;
  • Conduct 175 vision and hearing screenings; and
  • Assess 180 children, every 30 days, to capture progress on developmental milestones prior to exiting shelter.

UMOM has witnessed the impact of the economy on low-income families firsthand. Each month, an average of 80 families are assessed and added to the Service Priority Lists for Shelter. UMOM’s child care for children of homeless families has stabilized children physically, emotionally, academically and developmentally after experiencing homelessness; helped prepare them for school; helped them improve their academic achievement in at least one area (i.e. reading, etc.) and remain in school; and engaged parents in their child’s education and development.

Most parents residing at UMOM cannot afford expensive off-site childcare while they attend classes or go to work.  Families experiencing homelessness move frequently between shelters, overcrowded apartments, and temporary arrangements with relatives or friends. This high mobility is traumatic, particularly for children and youth. Lack of consistency, routines, privacy, safety, health care, uninterrupted schooling and a sense of community make it extremely difficult for children and youth to flourish socially, emotionally, and academically. While at UMOM, children gain support that helps to mitigate these issues and builds a foundation of support and safety. 


Ryan House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing respite and end-of-life care at no cost to children throughout Arizona between birth to 17 who suffer from life-threatening or terminal conditions and their families. Opened in March 2010, Ryan House is one of only two organizations of its kind in the country and serves as the nationwide leader in this emerging type of care. The Whiteman 4G Foundation grant in 2014 funded three family events enjoyed by over 650+ children and adults, including our Annual Holiday Party, Adaptive Baseball Game, and Spring 5th Birthday Party.


Helen’s Hope Chest is a special place for foster children, where they can experience making their own selections of clothing, shoes, school supplies and basic needs in a boutique-style setting. The children can “shop” for up to five outfits on their visits to HHC and may come up to four times a year. All of these items are provide to foster children at no charge.

The targeted project for the Whiteman Foundation grant

The project “Clothes for the Classroom” specifically addresses the need to provide proper clothing for children in order to attend school and feel as they fit in.
We requested $10,000 in order to purchase shoes, pants and shirts/tops for at least 200 youth.