The Whiteman Foundation and Whiteman 4G Foundation work with non profits primalry in Maricopa County but will entertain highly solution oriented non proifts elsewhere in Arizona.

The Whiteman Foundation focuses in early childhood endeavors and projects that reach 0-18 year old individuals. The Whiteman 4G Foundation concentrates in providing basic needs for children 0-12.

Applications for both Foundations are by invitation only.

If you wish to apply, the best method is submit a project description via the Foundations’ website.

The Whiteman Foundation and The Whiteman 4G grants procedure is administered  through the Arizona Community Foundation. The application process is conducted in September and October with grant decisions being made in December. Go to the ACF website to view the electronic application. Organizations’ that are invited will be given instructions on how to apply via the Arizona Community Foundation’s electronic grants process.

If interested in applying for a Whiteman Foundation or 4G Foundation grant, please use our contact page to initiate exploratory pre-grant work.